Friday, April 2, 2010

Charley's Show and Tell

Being highly influenced by film and video art, I am introducing just a fraction of the directors/video artists that have
inspired my work. The works I have chosen below are particularly influential to my photography.
I will share more videos in the future as well...

Kenneth Anger

Marcel Duchamp

Guy Bourdin ( Bourdin was really experimenting with the idea of
video editorals back in the 70s which I find fascinating since this
concept has tremendously grown in the fashion industry. A lot of fashion
photographers are venturing into the film medium as a way to further
illustrate their visions, me being one of them. )

Floria Sigismondi ( my BIGGEST inspiration...I have been following her
videos/photography for over a decade now. In fact, her book was the
first photo book I ever purchased. She is one of the top visionaries in 
my opinion. )

Michel Gondry

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