Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Introducing Jane-e of Closet Obsessions

Photographed by Charley

Jane-e is a friend of mine and the creator of fashion blog, ClosetObsessions
We spent a mellow Sunday afternoon around her apartment watching The Hills and poking fun at
how absurd the show is while eating the killer tacos and bomb cookies she prepared. Thanks
again for the wonderful day Jane-e!
We wanted to feature her because her style is effortless and edgy. She posts articles of clothing
that won't send you on week long meals of 1,000 recipes for ramon and you can always
count of her to inspire you when you are feeling a lack of creativity in the wardrobe department.

If you want to learn more about Jane-e please visit her blog.


Jes said...

Obsessed with this blog! Such Stella photography here, showcases Jane in her finest. New follower. Hooked x

kirstyb said...

fabulous post xxxxxx

evita nuh said...

her collection is super cool!!! :D and beautiful photograph too! love it!

Miss Jenny said...

See...that's how you look good in a fur vest. Me? No. I look like a Gorilla. Keep it up, Charley. The photographs are stunning!

Anonymous said...

Hola que tal te dejo mi sitio web de alta costura y mi recien inagurado blog de Corsets para que lo visites:

Saludos y gracias!!


Chiara said...

I already know her blog and style and I look at her blog daily...
Great inspiration!


Jessica said...

she has awesome style ! love everything in these pictures ♥

Josephine said...

Nice post! You have a great eye for style & lighting Charley. Awesome blog.

beautifully damned said...

wow - she makes tattoos look cool!!



shoeless simone said...

Wow she has amazing style, that fur vest is killer! I'll definitely head over to her blog right now.
I love your blog, definitely following!

-Shoeless Simone