Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Michelle of Monochromatic Facets

Photographed by Kalin.

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with college friend, and fellow blogger, Michelle of Monochromatic Facets,
I asked her to bring over a few of her current favorite pieces so we could document them. Michelle is so fun and her look is effortlessly
cool. If you want to learn more about Michelle and her fabulous wardrobe please direct your attention to her epic blog.


Anonymous said...

Great outfit. Beautiful pictures!

garakami said...

She looks amazing. My favorite is the second to last one and the first one. Stunning photos and great job. I'm looking for other people, besides my friends to shoot.


sayablack said...

I love the first black dress!!
Especially I adore the back design.


Fuji Files said...

Wow, stunner. These shots are gorgeous and now I am promptly heading over to discover her blog!
Great post.

xx FujiFiles

ellie jane-e valentine. said...

she is perfect.

breadfan said...


bmach said...

I love your photos and your blog! So i''m following, follow me back?



Fashion Monstre said...

fantastic blog!! i love it dearly do you have any outfit posts that i could possibly post on my blog?? i would love that

Tastes Eclectic Fashion said...

Oh wow. I think I have just fallen in love with your blog. It's fabulous. As for this lovely lady, she's got such style. I'm going to check her out too.

ediot said...

wow! she looks wonderful. and these photos are aaamazing. the second last is divine.
hope youre having a wonderful week darling.
thanks for finding me!now i found and follow you

take care
xx ediot

.Me said...

eeesshh, need the shoes!


Jes said...

Epic is the word. Im in love!

.sabo skirt. said...

you have fabulous style... loving your ray bans.. we have a feeling you would especially love our give away =)

stop by our fashion blog, we are having a designer glasses give away! we hope you love it!

xx .sabo skirt.


Dina-Dyorre said...

I just love this...the hair, outfit and setting are so perfect.

I would be so, so grateful if you could spare a few seconds to vote for me here

emily viveur said...

gorgeous photos and i lovelovelove her style! monochromatic and minimalist is my favorite.

Sparkles said...

Her hair is the best thing i've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

this photo shoot looks amazing